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Delicious Revolutions Fundraiser Still Continues

Dear friends and family,

We had a successful day of filming at the Hackney School of Food with 11 participants and 5 crew members on 21 June!! Thank you so much for your support for our first day of filming!!! We have raised £4,838 so far and are so grateful for your contributions.

Our next milestone is £13,000 by the end of August which will help us to review and edit 14+ hours of footage, to hire a producer to help us prepare a film's total budget and schedule, and to film a slow walk with Shane Holland, Executive Chair from Slowfood in the UK and Slow Food International Council member who also led on Slow Food's world-wide campaign on Climate Action.

We were so grateful to have Dev Sharma, a youth MP and food activist, Naomi Duncan, Nicole Pisani and Andy Pycroft from Chefs in School and Henry Dimbleby (co-author of Ravenous, author of National Food Strategy, Co-Founder of Leon and food campaigner) and his family. Each of our guests contribute in meaningful ways to reduce food insecurity, and improve access to healthy nutritious food for children in schools and their communities.

The Hackney School of Food was a wonderful location which showcases what can be done to teach children and adults about the connection between nature and food.

The statistics that Dev quoted were shocking, "Young people in disadvantaged communities die 10 years younger than more affluent peers, due to diet-related diseases".

Chefs in School's work was just as impressive. In a primary school, government provides £2.41 to deliver a Universal Infant Free School Meal. After staffing, cleaning materials, disposables, equipment, they have on average 90p per plate for food. Chefs in School help schools to prepare meals from scratch with fresh food. Schools pay some contribution for their work but 70% of the funding comes from donations.

One of the purposes of our film is to highlight and amplify the work of these people and organisations so that together we can help to solve these social inequalities and connect children with nature.

We all made Korean Kimchi dumplings (mandu) with the main ingredient being Kimchi prepared by Henry three weeks prior. Nicole and Andy expertly prepared five delicious dishes to complete the menu, grilling on the fire pit while we were making dumplings.

Ruth, our director said, "It was certainly the best food I’ve ever tasted on a shoot!"

Adam showed off his hidden talent in professional kitchen cleanup afterwards!!

The filming day would not have been possible without our a fantastic crew led by Ruth.

  • First Camera - Bevis Bowden

  • Second Camera - Kyung Ran Huh

  • Sound Recordist - Luke Harris

  • DIT & Assistance - Rafy Hay

You can now directly go to PayPal to donate. Or if you prefer a bank transfer, please contact me for details. I really appreciate your support.

  • Donation minimum is £10. You will all be listed as supporters in the sizzle reel's end credits.

  • If you intend to donate £3,000 or more, please contact me by responding to this email.

We are now actively seeking corporate sponsorships and grants to fund the rest of the film. Please call me or drop me an email if you have other fundraising suggestions, advice that could support the making of this film, or you would like to ask me some questions, or would like to help in another way, your friendship and support is most appreciated.

Much love,


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