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Delicious Revolution's Second Day of Filming!

Dear friends and family,

On Wednesday 5th July, I had a wonderful conversation with Shane Holland, the Executive Chair from Slow Food in the UK and Slow Food International Council member who also led on Slow Food's world-wide campaign on Climate Action. We enjoyed a picnic and some filming in all the elements, rain, sun, cloud and wind.

Shane brought a delicious homemade bean chilli which kicked off a discussion about our perception of convenience and time - how we are led to believe that we don't have enough time to cook for ourselves so that we are encouraged to buy pre-made (often ultra-processed) food.

The organic strawberries I brought got us talking about the depth or layers of flavours that are missing in conventional food; food grown for looks and yields - with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilisers - above taste and nutrition. Strawberries actually topped the 2023 Dirty Dozen in USA, which tracks and ranks the fruits and vegetables with highest pesticide residue every year. (UK list 2021 is found here)

We talked about the high cost of organic food. Conventional food does cost a lot less but the true cost (USA, UK) is hidden in health of people, society, and the planet - the high incidence of diet-related illnesses, underpaid workers, climate crises, reduced biodiversity, and water and air pollution etc.

We spoke about how food grown in organic, and regenerative agriculture not only tastes better and is better for you, but can help capture carbon from the atmosphere in soil organic matter.

This conversation with Shane, and those a few weeks ago with Dev, Henry, and Naomi reminded me of the reasons I decided to make a film about food; improving food systems can help to achieve all 17 UNSDG's (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals).

We don't travel by air or by car all the time (even though it does feel like it sometimes..), we don't all own cars, or have to buy clothes every 4-6 week (fast fashion season) and throw away the old ones. But we all eat every day. Eating can be an act of healing, and activism. What a delicious thought that every day we can each contribute to solving some of the world's 'wicked problems' by choosing to eat better.

We have raised £8,608 so far and are so grateful for your contributions. Thank you so much for your support!!!

Our next milestone is £13,000 by the end of August which will help us to review and edit 14+ hours of footage, to hire a producer to help us prepare a film's total budget and schedule.

You can now directly go to PayPal to donate. Or if you prefer a bank transfer, please contact me for details. I really appreciate your support.

  • Donation minimum is £10. You will all be listed as supporters in the sizzle reel's end credits.

  • If you intend to donate £3,000 or more, please contact me by responding to this email.

We are now actively seeking corporate sponsorships and grants to fund the rest of the film. Please call me or drop me an email if you have other fundraising suggestions, advice that could support the making of this film, or you would like to ask me some questions, or would like to help in another way, your friendship and support is most appreciated.

Our next stop... Big Sandy, Montana!

Much love,


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