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Delicious Revolutions Fundraising Continues

Dear friends and family,

I am very happy to report that on 21 June (next Wednesday!) we will have our first day of filming at the Hackney School of Food, a registered Community Interest Company improving the health and wellbeing of Londoners through food education.

Thank you very much for your generous donations so far. We have raised £1,350 and need £2,800 more to pay for a full day of crew, location hire and food and drinks.

Ruth and I visited the school on Monday (12th June) and explored their beautiful edible gardens and the kitchen. We will be filming prominent food activists and chefs and passionate foodies cooking, eating and talking about how we can improve food culture and systems for human and planetary health.

We have set up a donation page on our website. Or if you prefer a bank transfer, please contact me for details. I really appreciate your support.

  • Donation minimum is £10. You will all be listed as supporters.

  • If you intend to donate £3,000 or more, please contact me by responding to this email.

We are also looking for corporate sponsorships and grants from appropriate sources. Please call me or drop me an email if you have other fundraising suggestions, advice that could support the making of this film, or you would like to ask me some questions, or would like to help in another way, your friendship and support is most appreciated.

Much love,

Bumjoo Maclennan

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