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Delicious Revolutions Fundraiser

Dear friends and family,

Thank you very much for your interests and very kind personal notes cheering on this project! I am encouraged by your voices of support. Now I need your help again. We have reached the fundraising stage of the project and are looking for donations, and sponsorships to allow us to film a high-quality sizzle reel and continue the next phase of the research and development. The sizzle reel will be used to raise funds to complete and market the film.

Delicious Revolution is a feature-length film intended for streaming and broadcast television release which will take place in three different countries, UK, USA and Korea where I have lived, worked and eaten. My quest to find happiness and health through food led me to the realisation that the current food systems and culture are major causes of the current health and climate crisis.

I am not alone in my experiences of illness, climate anxiety, and burnout. By sharing my experiences and those of others who have looked for answers to the challenges we face individually and collectively, we will help audiences to explore the possibility that they too have power to make a difference, and that it can be fun, liberating and delicious to join the revolution.

We have been working on this self-funded project for over three and a half years to try to understand how it could be that food, a basic requirement for life, could be causing so much harm to nature, contributing to biodiversity loss, climate change, soil and water damage, and increasing chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity. While there are many great documentaries investigating what has gone wrong with our food system, we would like to focus more on what individuals are doing and seeking to do, and what can be done collectively as a society, as co-inhabitants of this planet to revive and sustain all life.

I am fortunate to be working with incredible people who have donated their time, enthusiasm, expertise and network to help make this happen;

  • Fred Provenza (Professor Emeritus, Behavioural Ecology in the Department of Wildland Resources Utah State University) is the advisor for the film. His Book, Nourishment, has been the philosophical base for the film and he has made many valuable introductions and provided critical advice for the film.

  • Prefers to remain unnamed, a friend, who is a chartered certified accountant has been advising and will continue to advise me on all the financial considerations.

  • Paul Hastings LLP is advising Delicious Revolutions Media on a pro bono basis to create a UK-based charitable company.

  • Shane Holland, Executive Chair of Slow Food in the UK has been making introductions and supporting the research and development of some of the key topics

Our estimated budget for the sizzle reel filming, and for continued research and development is £30,000 and for the first phase of filming in the UK and the US is an additional £10,000 which will cover;

  • 10% of donation – fund grassroots organisations and changemakers in not for profit organisations serving to improve food systems and feed people healthily;

  • Trailer filming – one of the key events is scheduled to be filmed on 21st June and a potential trip is being planned to the USA to film a one-off gathering with leading pioneers of the organic and regenerative farming and food movements (approval pending);

  • Team - director (Ruth), executive producer and writer (Bumjoo), producer (tbd – who will help us create filming schedule and budget), editor (Ruth), camera person or director of photography (Ellie and others). The daily rate is adjusted from the UK industry rates of pay to reflect London-based team;

  • Travel, location fee, equipment rental, F&B and admin costs;

  • Create a web page for the film;

  • Marketing

More detailed budget is available at your request. Please contact me by responding to this email. Any additional funds raised will be put towards the budget of the film.

We are also considering corporate sponsorships and grants from appropriate sources. Please call me or drop me an email if you have other fundraising suggestions, advice that could support the making of this film, or you would like to ask me some questions, or would like to help in another way, your friendship and support is most appreciated.

We have set up a donation page on our website. I really appreciate your belief in us and our project.

  • Donation minimum is £10. You will all be listed as supporters.

  • If you intend to donate £10,000 or more, please contact me by responding to this email.

Much love,

Bumjoo Maclennan

PS: If you would like to explore more films which have highlighted the scale of some of the problems we face: Food Inc., Supersize Me, Wasted, Eating Animals, and An Inconvenient Truth (and its sequel). We are making this film because we believe that there is still hope for a more planet positive and healthy food system, inspired in part by films such as the Biggest Little Farm and Kiss the Ground.

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