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Meet the Team

Bumjoo Maclennan

Co-Founder, CEO, Documentary Filmmaker

Born and raised in Seoul, Korea, I moved to US in late 2000 to fulfil my dream to work in the hospitality industry after my B.A. in consumer studies from Seoul National University.  After my Master’s of Management in Hospitality degree from Cornell University, I spent the next 15 years working for large blue-chip organisations, engaged in high profile deals. I felt that I had achieved something big. 


In late 2013, I was diagnosed with hypothyroid (an autoimmune diseases) and started to learn about how my body was reacting to different foods. Food was the catalyst which persuaded me to make a change in myself. I moved to London, UK in early 2015 and continued to work really hard while struggling with my physical and mental health.


In January 2019, I was recognised as one of the '49 Women Who Will Shape The Future Of UK Real Estate' by Bisnow which, for some odd reasons, unravelled something in me - the feeling of helplessness in the face of climate crises, the fact that my career did not have any purpose. I felt as if it was moving backwards and that I was deeply unhappy.


In late 2019, I left a 20 year-career in hospitality to make this film after having bought and sold hotel real estate and companies across Europe and the US since 2013 on behalf of large corporations and pension funds. 


If it was not for my pursuit of better health and my love of real and delicious food, this whole adventure would not have happened. 

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Adam Maclennan


Born and raised in London, Scotland and the USA. His Masters degree in Social Anthropology and dissertation on friendships and belonging, and his passion for quality food led him to a career in hospitality. 


He has worked as a cheesemonger, restaurant general manager, cook, bartender, Italian food importer in London.  During his graduate degree at the Cornell School of Hospitality Administration he met and fell in love with Bumjoo. 


Since 2008, he has been advising hospitality investors across four continents, working on projects in Israel, Ethiopia, throughout Europe, the United States, the Caribbean and the Middle East.  He participates in the Sustainability Roundtable at Cornell's Center for Hospitality Research, and is a member of the Energy & Environment Alliance.

In a life filled with travel, his passion for food prepared with purpose and love has expanded. The healthiest, most delicious foods have a story. They are grown and prepared by people who care, in harmony with nature. His family is currently transitioning their farm on the North coast of Scotland to be sustainable, regenerative, and produce delicious, nutritious food. He is inspired by the Delicious Revolution. 

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Ruth Maclennan

Creative Consultant

Ruth’s research-led art practice is engaged with an in-depth interdisciplinary study of experiences of climate heating and geopolitics, with a focus on the Russian Arctic. Her work includes films, multi-channel moving image works, photographs, performances, writing, and interdisciplinary and collaborative projects. 

Ruth exhibits widely internationally in exhibitions and film festivals in Europe, USA, Japan, Australia and Central Asia, Korea, Taiwan and Ireland. Her solo exhibition Icebreaker Dreaming was at Pushkin House, London (2019-20). Her films Cloudberries (2018), Call of North (2014), and Hero City (2016) were filmed in the Russian Arctic and premiered at BFI London Film Festival. 

Ruth has a PhD in Fine Art from the Royal College of Art and a Masters in Fine Art from Goldsmiths, and in Modern Languages from Cambridge University. She is Institute Associate at The Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge University. 

Ruth is a contributor to the collective international art project, The Crown Letter, and host of its weekly artists’ salon. 

More information and work can be found on her website

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