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Delicious Revolution Goes to Big Sandy, Montana!

Clockwise starting from the top: Dr. Amber Sciligo, Jeff Moyer, Dr. Bruce Maxwell, Dr. Joyce Nettleton, Fred Pera, Dr. Renee Pera, Dr. Bob Quinn, Dr. Bob Turnbull, Dr. Kathleen Delate, Dr. Chuck Francis

Dear Family and Friends,

It was such a privilege to visit Bob Quinn's farm for the kick off meeting of the Quinn Institute (working title) in Big Sandy, Montana, the home of KAMUT®, from 10th to 15th July. The Institute is Bob's next adventure to establish a research centre in the short grass prairies (semiarid climatic zone) of the upper Great Plains of North America with a vision to promote a regenerative organic practice regionally and globally for the health of the people and the planet. As one would expect with a revolution, the meeting was held around his kitchen table.

Beautiful KAMUT® (khorasan, ancient relative of durum wheat), in the field!

Even though I asked Bob why he is starting something new and big when most people would be thinking about retiring, I am somehow not surprised. During his career as a farmer, he has invested a lot in research to scientifically prove what he was learning from people's feedback and his field experiences. He has diligently shared the results in order to improve people's health, livelihood of farmers and food production businesses through organic and regenerative farming practices. You can find his stories in his book, Grain by Grain.

top L to R : Dr. Bob Quinn, Dr. Bruce Maxwell, Jeff Moyer, Dr. Amber Sciligo

bottom L to R : Dr. Chuck Francis, Dr. Joyce Nettleton, Barb Francis, Dr. Kathleen Delate

Bumjoo - struggling to handle a selfie function

Bob was kind enough to let me attend the meeting where we were joined by Dr. Kathleen Delate, Professor of Department of Horticulture at Iowa State University, Dr. Bob Turnbull, Professor at Iowa State University, Dr. Chuck Francis, Emeritus Professor of Agronomy & Farming Systems at University of Nebraska, Jeff Moyer, CEO Emeritus from Rodale Institute, Dr. Bruce Maxwell, Professor of Agroecology at Montana State University, Dr. Renee Reijo Pera, President & CEO of McLaughlin Research Institute, Dr. Amber Scilio, Director of Science Program at the Organic Centre, and Dr. Joyce Nettleton, Science Communication Consultant. They are all determined to share the vision of a future with more regenerative and organic food systems.

It was exciting to be in the middle of such brain power, experience, and people driven by purpose to improve life above and below the ground; and to listen to their careful deliberation and strategic advice for Bob as he looks to expand his reach. But what made me the happiest was that I felt that I was not alone in my belief and in my wish to share the vision that we and what we eat are all connected; and that we can make a difference to planetary and personal health, one plate of delicious food at a time.

A huge thank you to Bob for having created such a beautiful farm and business from the inside out and to all the wonderful people I met in Big Sandy for their hospitality and vision.

A special thank you to Debby, Bob's sister, for taking great care of me for two days. We had so much fun!

This trip was a first for me because I got to test my ability as a camera and sound person thanks to iPhone technology. The stills came out ok and hopefully we can find useful video footages. I wish I was able to film all the delicious food we ate but I was too busy enjoying it. The next time I will make sure to have a camera person. I loved KAMUT® sourdough pancakes, porridges and cereals along with homemade preserves, frozen local berries, salads, green smoothies, sauerkraut, vinegars etc. all from the farm.

I'm delighted to say that Bob has agreed to be an advisor to Delicious Revolution. He has already introduced me to the Executive Director of IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) Asia that I will be visiting in November to harvest cabbage and make Kimchi. I was kindly introduced to Bob by Fred Provenza, another amazing advisor who believes in the Delicious Revolution project. The personal connection was made around my mother-in-law Helen's dining room table when Bob was passing through London in June. Her generosity and skills as a hostess and a cook have helped to fuel many campaigns (revolutions?) over the years. I am so grateful to have Helen and her offspring on my side for this revolution!

We have raised £9,608 so far from family and friends. We are now actively seeking corporate sponsorships and grants to fund the rest of the film.

Please call me or drop me an email if you have other fundraising suggestions, advice that could support the making of this film, or you would like to ask me some questions, or would like to help in another way, your friendship and support is most appreciated.

We are quickly lining up all the locations for filming this year and your contributions would be extremely helpful!

Much love,


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